Monday, June 3, 2013

Scattered Squares - Top

Here's the finished quilt top for my Scattered Squares quilt.  It's a pattern from Elizabeth Hartman's class on Craftsy, Inspired Modern Quilts.

This quilt started out life as a charm pack of Jenn Ski's Mod Century fabric, which appealed to me for the graphic designs.  I thought the squares would be good for this quilt, along with some scraps I'd bought (that's how new to quilting I am!  I have to buy scraps!)  I got my girls to help lay out the squares in random fashion.  They were very happy to do this and I was happy to let them do the crawling around.  (I much prefer the fabric fondling phases of quilting to the crouching crawling phases.)  Elizabeth had handy tips for keeping track of rows, etc. and in no time this was sewn up.  I had visions of doing the back in a gorgeous Mod Century print in lime green.  Unfortunately, my fabric got lost in the mail, so I made do with the 1 yard I had, and added some nice lime green ovals to make panels.  I have the back sewn up and basted to the front, and now I just have to quilt it.  This round of basting seemed so much easier!  I had it done in no time, what with the batting not getting full of leaves and twigs and wrinkles.

I have a little trepidation about it, but I have a practice sandwich ready to go and a new machine to try out.  I am not overly in love with this quilt, so if it's a disaster quilting, it won't be the end of the world.  I am optimistic though.  That said, I always think I can do things right off the bat, then I get annoyed when I can't. (I'm having flashbacks to my first time on skates on the backyard pond, or should I say flashbacks to landing on my backside on the pond!).  

In case you are wondering, those are my husband's feet.  This quilt was too long to hang from the clothesline for a picture.  I'll try to get a closer-up shot, but I will make no promises.  I am not one of those bloggers who is also an amazing photographer.  In fact, I probably would have done better in some sort of DOS-based blog, where you had to make your own pictures out of characters and spaces instead.  ;-)


  1. Another finished top! You're going great :-) so satisfying to finish a top, isn't it? Those are such cheerful colours, and I love the mental picture I have of DD1 and DD2 busily arranging the squares for you.

  2. Hi Karen, glad to have found your blog! Thanks for entering my giveaway. Unfortunately, you are coming up as a no reply blogger. To change that, you need to click "Show my email address" in your Blogger profile. Thanks for the feedback on my blog! Looking forward to seeing you at the Modern Quilt Guild meetings in the Fall!